The IT Managers most importantant hour on site is the Lunch hour.

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IT Managers need to know how to pack a lunch. Not just so that you can save a buck or two on eating out, but because the lunch hour can be a very important time to gain access to workstations and apply fixes, install software or restart services without interrupting the daily workflow.

The lunch hour can be so important for certain tasks because it presents a break in the day where you can have access to machines, apply changes and receive immediate feedback from employees upon their return.

A good IT manager knows that business hours are for monitoring performance, backups and security, helping staff and trouble shooting issues. Try taking over an employees system for an afternoon and you will spend some very awkward time together. The real IT work happens outside of the work flow. These hours are limited and are very difficult to manage during a migration.

Staff is money and managers do not like seeing their employees unable to work.

If an IT manager has to shut 3 employeees out of their systems at the same time productivity takes a big hit.

Staff is not able to serve customers  and Managers don’t see it as an IT issue just a break in daily production caused by YOU!

To work on systems without interrupting an employees work day pack a lunch and turn your lunch hour into an IT management power hour.


Sterling Atkinson

Technologist, IT Director, Communicator. I have served as an IT professional since 2000. My first computer job was working for Creative Labs, Inc. supporting Sound Blaster Live! and other products. I have owned my own technology consulting firm and have been employed full time as the IT Director since 2006. I write for as a way of collaborating with others, documenting challenges and projects and promoting my career as an IT professional. I come from a belief that IT is as much a science as it is an art. Taking a project from conception to completion takes an array of skills which includes critical and creative thinking as well as excellent communications skills. It is my goal to constantly shape and refine these skills and help others develop and improve their skills.

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  1. Martin Lehner July 25, 2014 at 10:54 am

    Excellent post there Sterling. It’s also important to be willing to work afterhours and weekends, for the exact reasons you’ve mentioned (something I will be posting about myself).

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