The Future of cloud computing

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As many of you known if not all of you of cause, more and more people are going with cloud computing with. this is just because of the fact that synchronization is a one of the best things ever also it re-leaves you the worry  of having to deal with physical backups. once you pay a small amount of money you have terabytes of cloud space. with many companies offering free space to pull people in>

Google of course offering 20 GB

copy 20gb

dropbox 20gb

yahoo 1tb flickr

mega 100gb

and more and more. but what is the future of all this.

If you ask me the future is where you will use the processing power of a remote computer to do tasks, which means no hassle about  processors speeds Ram upgrade and such you just purchase a better bundle. this is already happening with labs at the moment like n computing which is just great for schools and collages and universities.

imagine your pc with only a mouse, monitor, keyboard and a console which will most probably be combined with your monitor and you get amaizing speed.


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