Plex turns your phone into a 2TB streaming Media Empire

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If you like computers, if you have ever configured a server, if you have ever tried to get Windows Media Center to work in your living room, if you have ever bought a bigger sd card for your phone so that you could fit more music on it.  RUN!! …Do not walk… RUN  OUT RIGHT NOW AND CONFIGURE A PLEX SERVER!!!!!!

Here is the layout.

Ubuntu Server–2TB drive housing Media– Plex server—– configured to Router on Port 32400—- Android or IOS device with Plex app installed.  Chrome Cast on All TV’s. and all TV’s have impressive sound systems.
With this configuration you can laugh about phone memory. This config will use your isp bandwidth and your 4G to stream the entire contents of your drive on demand while you are outside of your wifi network.

Inside of your LAN you will stream at your wi fi speed.

DISCLAIMER– Please note that the quality of your experience outside of your LAN depends on the upload bandwidth of your isp and the 4g connection of your phone carrier.

I have T-mobile which streams excellent in the city but is worthless outside the city limits.

Inside the LAN how ever you can feel like a Jedi when you pull up plex make your selection and decide which TV to cast to.

I Strongly suggest plex to anyone with media and a smartphone.


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