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Introduction To Data Recovery

A quick introduction about data recovery for those who are not aware of what it is. Or the purpose of performing data recovery. Data recovery is a name for doing a procedure that helps obtain files on a Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, Etcetera that have been lost or deleted, there for being called “Data Recovery”.

The Act Of Data Recovery

Performing data recovery, is not a easy task. There are many ways of performing data recovery, depending on how the data was lost and how you wish to retrieve it. To know what steps are needed to start this process you need to know what had happened for you to have lost the data. I would say there are about three major data recovery methods. They would be either from a Hard Drive OS Failure. Another would be that the Hard Drive Disk inside has been damaged and needs to be replaced. The third that is most popular for data recovery is if files have had been deleted and need to be recovered, People usually doing this may not have been the ones who had deleted it. Data recovery has been used very much for other things like espionage for recovering encrypted files. This is quiet needed in some cases for legal purposes.

Hard Drive Failure

A good example is if you had a hard drive failure on the operating system and there are files stored on the drive that are needed like picture files, music files and other documents. One step that can be used to recover these files is simple. knowing that more then likely the OS had been corrupted and the files are not, you will need to get a hold of an external hard drive case. You can still use a normal external hard drive. You will just need to take the external hard drive and take it apart and disconnect the hard drive inside. Which should either be a normal laptop or desktop hard drive. The drives are just like any other hard drive you will see in desktops or laptops. Now after taking the drive out, you will need to take the corrupted drive from the computer and place it inside the external hard drive case. From there on you will be able to connect a Universal Serial Bus cable from the external drive to a working computer to access the files stored on the external drive. You will be able to scavenge for your files and such and be able to save them. From there you have done simple data recovery.

Hard Drive Disk Damaged

When doing data recovery for this is much more difficult then others. In most cases having the Hard Drive Disk damaged may mean just replacing the disk. To replace a Hard Drive Disk requires experience for small things that you will encounter when doing this. Now when first doing this will need basic tools like a screw driver etcetera. It is also recommended for you to wear latex gloves and when performing this you should proceed with great caution when handling all the parts of a hard drive. When opening up the hard drive to were you can see the disk you will need to move the main arm away from the disk and then you will need to remove the centering piece that keeps the disk in place. From there you will be able to move the disk to a empty hard drive or replace the disk with an other hard drive. Then you are finished with fixing a damaged disk inside of a hard drive.

Deleted Files

For recovering deleted files, there could be many reasons why you will be needing to do this whether its from you accidentally  deleting the file or if its another system that has legal purposes to be looked through knowing the previous owner was deleting documents. To do this style of data recovery you can use many tools for free. some being software programs like (ParetoLogic Data Recovery) which will be able to scan the operating system like Windows and will find deleted files before they can be written over. As it stands for recovering files that have been deleted this is more then likely your solution.

Lets Not Forget That All Files That Are Deleted Are In Fact There…

– Christopher K. Mckinstry

Date: 7/24/2014

Age: 17


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