Electronic Calculators – 1975 Style

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Electronic Calculators Use To Be A Luxury

Looking At A 1975 HP Calculator – Features And Cost 

Today, we take them for granted. Who spends more than $20 for an electronic calculator these days? Not I, said me. 

Back in the day, they were a big deal, especially one with scientific notation: whoa – you had something!. Mainly, the folks who purchased these were engineers and engineering students. You could get a basic calculator for less – but not much less.

Let’s take you back to 1975, when It seemed, digital displays always used red LED’s. Including digital watches. 

Just think – you could get this for $125.00. Prices were indeed, dropping. In 1974 – the same features cost around $200.00.

Don’t you just love the features? Remember, this was all a big deal back in 1975:

1975 - Electronic Calculator 1  april

1975 - Electronic Calculator 2  april

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