The Different OFFICIAL Flavors of Ubuntu

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If you do not like unity as a desktop interface, canonical has there own official flavors of Ubuntu containing alternative desktop environments.

Unity was designed to be a half desktop, half tablet environment like windows 8.  Personally I like unity,  I think if anybody is doing good at creating a half desktop, half tablet OS, it would be them.  But I think that we can all agree that this is much better than windows 8.

The Official Flavors are:

Edubuntu- This still has the unity interface but I felt I should bring it up,  It is ubuntu’s OS that was made for education.  So they were trying to get this onto school computers.

Ubuntu GNOME- contains Gnome

Kubuntu- Has the KDE desktop

Lubuntu- Has the LXDE desktop and is considered ubuntu’s “lightweight environment” because it only requires 128mb of ram.

Mythbuntu- If anybody is looking to create a Media Center PC, then this flavor is right for you.  This is for a MEDIA CENTER, so don’t install and try to use this as your main operating system.

Ubuntukylin- Chinese Ubuntu

Ubuntu Studio- This flavor is designed for people who do alot of graphic design.  It is lightweight and has just about everything you need for graphic design.

Xubutnu- This has the Xfce desktop of X-forums Commons Environment

Anyway, I hoped this helped you guys out.


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