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Alaska Cable TV Operator Does a No-No

The evolution of cable television is full of great stories. Cable-TV began back in 1949, when someone figured out that they could capture over-the-air signals on top of a hill – and import those channels down to viewers  who, because of that hill, couldn’t receive television.

Here’s a fascinating cable-TV story – that comes to us from 1967. CATV history tells us – there was lots of pirating – not only from folks “stealing” signals for viewing – but, on occasion – you’d see one of these stories. This finds that – this CATV operator was in fact, transmitting content without permission. But to me – how it was done, is just as fascinating.

This is way before premium channels and made-for-cable content. The name of the game back then – was what you could get over-the-air.

Imagine this happening today!

CATV News March 1967





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