Broadcom’s XStream: NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk X6

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Another day, another new toy. As I reported last month, Netgear was set to release its newest Wireless AC Product, the R800 Nighthawk X6. This new device takes everything which made the R7000 Nighthawk great, and made it even better. The R8000 doesn’t bring more speed overall, but rather a more efficient design.

The R8000 features Broadcom’s XStream technology, which gives the router the ability to keep slow N-Clients from bogging down the fast AC-clients on the network.  Although it has 6 antennas, it does not support 6 streams, which would be insanely fast, instead it uses two separate 3-stream radios in order to segregate “slow” and “fast” traffic in order to better manage clients.

While a pretty neat device, I dont plan on upgrading my R7000 to the R8000, which costs a whopping $300 dollars. I just connect all my non-ac devices to the 2.4GHz network, which for me fixes the same issue the R8000 fixes, but for free. However, for anyone with a mix of N and AC devices that NEEDS SPEED, and does not want to go the route I did, then this is the router for you.

For more, read the full review over at, which is probably the best source of information for your small networking needs.


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