Android device wireless Looping “obtaining IP”

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First I would like to thank the man him self Eli the Computer Guy for inspiring me on perfecting my base knowledge. I do not consider myself an IT cause i have no degrees in that field. What i am, is a guy that understands the computer anatomy and knows how to search a solutions to any given problem.

I recently updated my D-link 615 E3 router to the firmware v.5.13 since that update both of my android devices connected to the internet but after a certain time it would disconnect and loop on “obtaining IP” and finally giving up buy saying failed ip connection.

All the google searches i made came up with forums of other people having the same issues with the android Kitkat version. And all the solutions turned around either rooting the devices and messing with the Android OS or changing the router. No kidding that’s all.

Now where does Eli fit in my story.

After watching his playlist on networking, witch is very entertaining and informative, I came to realize what was the problem causing that loop.  All i’ll say is that the problem was at layer 2 or 3 i’m not sure but yes that video on OSI model did help.

Now the reason why i’m not saying what the solution to my problem is because the answer is in the Networking lessons. No kidding

So once again thank you Eli for your lessons.

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