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I know that the majority of the post it the backup categories talk about Acronis and all of these other fancy backup solutions, but for the average everyday dude who sits down at his home computer,  there is a very slim chance that he/she is going to need a disk imaging backup solutions.  Most of the time, WD Smartware that comes with Western Digital hard drives will work just fine for you.

So when you get the Western Digital backup solution,  there will be two options, do you want to do a “category backup” or “file backup”.

The Category Backup is usually the options that suits most people.  The Category Backup basically backs up your entire user directory.  When it comes to selecting things to skip.  It will allow you  choose to not backup your documents, mail, videos, pictures, music and any other folders.  Unfortunately there is no way in this option that allows you to specify specific folders you don’t want to backup.

The File Backup is basically what it sounds, you chose exactly what folders you want to backup.  This is the option that I use because i have a lot of virtual machines that take up a lot of space and I don’t fell the need to have all of those backed up.

Anyway i hoped this post helped you guys and Thank you Eli Etherton for creating this site and I will continue posting.


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