How to use MediaHint for free

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This popular Chrome extension which is used to sneak past regionlocked websites such as Netflix and Hulu, has recently become paid. But like with most things, paying is optional.

Here’s a step by step guide how to use MediaHint for free:

  1. Open Chrome and browse to chrome://extensions/
    Either type this is the adressbar or look for it in the Chrome menu(Tools>Extensions)
  2. Enable developer mode in the top right corner.
  3. Download an old version of MediaHint (0.1.12). You’ll have to Google a download link for this release yourself.
  4. Install it by draging and dropping the .crx file from your downloads folder onto the extensions page.

Voila, you can now continue using MediaHint like you used to as this is a version which doesn’t self update. But then again, is this really the moral thing to do? Consider this an excersize in handling Chrome extensions, I by all means encourage you to pay the MediaHint guys for their work.


Olof Hagström

Works as a service technician for ISPs. Enjoys tech news and a good book.

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