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I’ve been reporting on AMD’s new Carrizo chip for a few weeks now, and it seems that almost every week more rumors are reported and some older ones are more or less confirmed. One of these speculations I have not reported on, and it seems to hold some water. These future AMD APUs  will feature High-Bandwidth Stacked Memory on die, or at least on package. AMD has been talking about stacking memory in it’s official Fast Forward presentation, and recently they have focused specifically on APUs. The slides below, Courtesy of WCCFTech explain:


AMD-APU-Memory-Technology-Stacked-Two-Level-635x473  AMD-Exascale-Science-635x216 AMD-FastForward-Scope-635x324 AMD-Staced-Memory-For-APU-635x387



Will the technology be ready for Carrizo? We can’t know until next year. But it certainly sounds promising. Having this much memory stacked right on chip will certainly give the APU a bandwidth advantage, and will allow the onboard graphics to have significantly more power without being starved.


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