From Windows to Ubuntu.. Seven Months

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 It has been seven months to the day since I left Windows. I opened my door on that cold day and picked up a small cardboard box. In it was the last part of my first build, my motherboard. I quickly ran into my kitchen were the rest of the parts sat on the counter. My build started. Forty minutes later my computer was born. It was a beautiful blue and fast too as the leds came on and blades spun. I booted into the bios, inserted the usb stick, and selected it. My computer loaded into the setup for Ubuntu 12.04.

In minutes I had everything set. This was the moment I signed my divorce papers with Windows. I put my password in and logged on. It was done. I have only occasionally used Windows since then as my printer only works with our family Windows laptop. Not using Windows has been a little rough in some ways. First and foremost, many programs that I love don’t work on Ubuntu. Itunes, Origin, Netflix, and many more. Although sometimes I can jerrry rig a few to work or find others who have developed ways to use these applications like Netlix.

Then there are the games. Most games sadly don’t work on Ubuntu, only a few proud games which include: Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, and Team Fortress and some other Indie games. With all of this said, I have still managed to go without Windows even with my thirst for new games. Ubuntu has many awesome programs and has a software center with programs for most tasks. There is also the LibreOffice suite which rivals that of Microsoft Office in many ways. As a student, Ubuntu has been tolerable, something that I would have never thought before I switched.

I romanticized Ubuntu as being a beautiful and free operating system, but it is exactly that. Smooth and simple describes Ubuntu better than any other way. Who knew that something I used at first just because I couldn’t afford Windows would turn out to be something I would choose to use anyways. I continue to hope Ubuntu will grow. Hopefully in the future, software developers will make their games and programs compatible with Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. The only reason I see why Ubuntu is not moving forward faster is because of the large software companies and gaming companies who do not make their software compatible with Ubuntu. But now large computer companies are shipping computers with Ubuntu already on them and exposing the OS to many non-techsavy people who will ultimately be the driving force in getting companies to release compatible software. That along with the release of Ubuntu Touch on phones will hopefully bring Ubuntu to a level to compete with Microsoft and Apple and that would hopefully force them to either pick up their game or drop their price, making for a more competitive  market.

Can you live without Windows? I say yes.

(Just don’t have the wine, it’s horrible)



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  1. Michael Chase July 21, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Good write-up. I think many are headed in the same direction.

  2. Michael Parker July 23, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Great article Jared….I left Windows behind about 3 years ago and have not missed a beat.

  3. Mr. DiBs July 23, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    I have tried and I have to say, software, software and software. I installed Ubuntu on my seven year old HP laptop to give it some added life. But, the lack of software that only runs in a Windows environment is a big let down. Perhaps future will be bright for Ubuntu or any of the other Linux distributions. I agree with you it is a great looking OS.

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