What If Google Disappeared?

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    During Eli’s Friday debriefing, the topic of Google disappearing was brought up. Eli said that he was scared of Google and that they are too large. Eli said (rather accurately) that if Google disappeared he would run to his basement, since there ought to be a mushroom cloud outside. Fortunately, that does not seem very likely. That got me thinking of what I would do if Google made their own version of Windows 8. A few years ago, when Windows 7 was the latest Windows operating system, everyone thought that Microsoft had fixed the Windows Vista problems, and there was no threat of them abandoning Windows. Then there was Windows 8, and then 8.1 (an ok idea gone horribly wrong). There are Windows 8 supporters out there, not many though. I think Windows 8 was a disaster. They took away the start button! This combined with a few other problems have left people with little choice. Ultimately, people (like Eli, as well as yours truly) have tried to evacuate from Microsoft software. Eli has no Microsoft on his precious MacBook Pro Retinas. This author is still using Windows 7 but hopes on relying only on a virtual instance of Windows 7 in a few months with the acquisition of a new MacBook Pro Retina, and as the author finds good enough alternatives to the Windows software, the author’s reliance on Microsoft will dwindle. Thankfully, there are obvious alternatives to Windows; Linux and Mac OS X are great examples. If you can migrate over to another OS, you are fairly well off. Alternatives to Google Search are obvious as well, but they are all horrible.

    If Google were to disappear or to make a disastrous decision, many services will need replacements. Google Search is thehardest. There is Bing. For anyone who likes Bing (all three of you), I wish you the best with that.. There is also Yahoo, which is slightly better (more like less depressing) than Bing. That is about it for the obvious choices. Eli said that he looked into Duck Duck Go, but it was not the best. I looked into it and I can say it is definitely better than Bing (going to a randomly selected website of all the websites that exist is better than Bing). I really am not sure which form of torture I would pick. For an alternative to Google Drive something like Dropbox will do. For Gmail, probably use an Email service that you find the least painful. I mean, there are so many popular Google products, YouTube, Google Chrome, Android, Google+, Google Maps (since Apple Maps is great…not!), Chromebooks, Nest, Google Cardboard, Google AdWords, and the other zillion things Google has. Here is a link to all Google Services (some of which are long dead, remember igoogle and the cute hamster?) and Acquisitions by Google. I love Google, but it is a bit too large for me to put all my eggs in one basket.


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  1. Hafedh Ebrahim July 20, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    google is not going away , and i agree with eli on the idea that the next OS that will dominate the world will be android .

  2. Katy Pillman July 21, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Why bring up Operating Systems?
    Mostly, people would freak about their business ads no longer in value and shares. People still prefer iOS to Android, so it wouldn’t matter any part of OS.

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