The demise of computer repair and pulling cable.

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So I have seen a lot of back and forth on the internet about whether or not one should repair computers for a living or pull cable.

Lets tackle cable pulling first.  Where I live in America there is 1 place that pulls cable for business’s and they pull it for around 1/3rd of the state. Your bread and butter the consumer they are all going to Wi-Fi. Also a lot of business’s are going that way sure there will be a couple of cables in a building but once those are pulled they basically stay there until they need new ones. Which could be 5ish years down the road. I know of mom and pop shops around the area that use square and 3g to and that’s all the networking they need.

As far as computer repair is concerned more and more stuff is going to the cloud whether is it DAAS or SAAS and a tablet can handle that with a keyboard attached to it. Your average consumer does not get a 200 dollar tablet or even a 300 dollar computer fixed if it has a hardware issue that needs fixing when it would be 200ish dollars and they can just buy a new one for 100 dollars more.

As far as business is concerned sure they have people repair their computer but the cloud is killing that and also if a computer has a lifespan is 5 years the business will probably refresh all there hardware in 5 years.



Jaime is a computer geek who learns by tinkering with technology. Currently he is a computer repair tech specializing in geriatric clients.

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