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Prior to contacting a web designer, there are some tasks you can do that will help save your designer time and therefore save you money. If you thoroughly think through this list, you will be in a great position for a productive collaboration. Here’s what you should think about:

    • What do you want each of your visitors to do or think about  when they visit your website?
    • Have an idea of the domain name you might like to use but don’t be dead set on a specific one.
    • What are some key words you would type into a search engine for your site to be listed under?
    • Do you have pictures, logos and graphics to provide or are you going to need these to be designed?  (The creative process takes the most time and costs the greatest)
    • Looking at the websites of your competitor, what do you like or don’t like about them and do you want yours to be the same or different?
    • Which websites do you like the look and feel of and why?
    • Will you be creating your own content or have a copy writer involved?
    • What is your expected timeline and budget?
    • Decide how much editing you would like to do yourself and then demonstrate to the web designer your computer competency level.
    • Who will be managing your website month to month for backups and security updates.

This should be all discussed in the initial consultation with any web designer.  Type out your thoughts into a document and use it to obtain proposals from web designers.


Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter obtained her Computer Programmer Analyst diploma from Fanshawe College in 2001 and has always been very interested in everything computer related. Since graduating she has worked for various companies in the computer technical support industry which has given her great customer service and communication skills. In her spare time she has also volunteered to create and design several websites on the WordPress platform. Her more recent interests have turned towards Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing.

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