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Backing up your important documents “onto the Cloud” is what is becoming more popular everyday. We are seeing advertisements for multiple services of cloud storage,  but which one is the best fit for you? 


Carbonite.com offers cloud backup starting at $5999 for individual machines. The price is a little high, but your files are automatically backed up to their servers, and all you have to do is have your machine on and connected to the worldwide web.


The Graphical User-interface is not the greatest, but it gets the job done!

Also, the software comes with pre-installed settings which give this disgusting dots to your files.  And you have to use the software to remove these dots.
Except for getting rid of these disgusting dots, you can also choose how your PC is backed up. By default, your users files are being backed up 24/7 as long as they are under 2 GB in size. So your large isos won’t be backed up to the cloud, and you can’t change the max-upload setting. But you can change when and when not your files are being backed up.


By default, only user files are backed up. This includes mostly all the files located in “C:/Users/”, for windows machines.  But, you can add files to be backed up, as well as remove files from being backed up to their servers.

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Restoring files is the main point of online backup.  With carbonite, you do not have to restore everything! That is correct, you can just pick one file that you backed up and restore it to your PC.



But if you do want to restore everything, you can via the software restore tab.



The website is not the greatest either, but it is a great feature to monitor all your devices from one, and see which one needs to be backed up.

Over-all thoughts:

For a 60 dollar price point per year of this service, it is definitely better than 8-months of netflix, in my own opinion. My PC seems to have no performance issues with the software backing up my files, and my Apache server had no issues with sending files back and forth while my laptop was backing up to carbonite servers.

Should you buy this? If you need a cheap individual PC backup, yes. If you have 2-5 computers, I would not recommend this. But if you have greater than 5 computers, they have a business price-point starting at $26999 per year.


Last thoughts:

This is a good product for an easy online backup where you don’t need to worry about hardware, or if you backed up that file last night. If you are the “Average Joe/Katy”, you’ll most likely have no issues with this piece of technology. Carbonite is a great fit for online backups, and is superior to cheaper alternatives that I have used.

You can go learn more about Carbonite’s Backup Plans and more at: carbonite.com/online-backup



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