Tech History 1989 – Three Out Of Four VCR Owners?

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…Don’t Know How To Operate Their Video Cassette Recorders

Tech History From 1989

Do You Know Your Video Environment?

When it comes to the average consumer – tech stuff has always been, well, a sort of a challenge. Take for instance – video cassette recorders (you remember those). Back in 1989 – almost everyone had one. VHS had won the contest over Beta – so most machines, pretty much – had the same features. Well, most.

Here’s a fascinating  1989 piece from “60 Minutes.” In it, we see, most folks didn’t know what was going on: VHS, Super-VHS – Stereo or non-stereo… it’s all a bit confusing.

The video takes us back to the 1989 Consumer Electronics Show – a perfect Tech History video!

Before HDTV, before TiVo …

“People have fear of technology… it’s the essence of marketing to help overcome that fear to sell products.”



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