Oh My! Its the Raspberry Pi!

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So my DH brought home the smallest computer I have ever seen.  Check this out!


Ok this picture doesn’t do it justice. Image the perimeter is the same size as a credit card. 🙂  Pretty cool, eh?

The raspberry pi has so many potential uses and it is so easy to program.  The coolest idea my DH and I could come up with is to combine an RC car with a Wii remote.  Mario Kart in real life. LOL!

The first thing we have done is very simple.  We loaded XBMC on it via an SD Flash card and hacked our TV to watch pretty much anything that is out there on the Internet.  We can watch our DVD back ups that are stored on a hard drive, we can view our stockpile of digital photos on the TV.  Listen to mp3′s, the radio and podcasts.  Surf YouTube from the comfort of a recliner.  I can watch all the On Demand TV shows that are now up on the network’s website the day after it airs on cable.  I can surf the internet with a remote from my recliner.  Its awesome.  No more channel surfing and saying “there is nothing good on TV”.   The opportunities are endless.

My DH installed an IRH chip so that our cable remote can interact with the Raspberry Pi.  The chip is programmed with Python so you can make it interact with almost any appliance in the house if you wanted to.  Hmmmm….. the ideas are brewing.

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Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter obtained her Computer Programmer Analyst diploma from Fanshawe College in 2001 and has always been very interested in everything computer related. Since graduating she has worked for various companies in the computer technical support industry which has given her great customer service and communication skills. In her spare time she has also volunteered to create and design several websites on the WordPress platform. Her more recent interests have turned towards Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Zachary Green July 18, 2014 at 9:18 am

    The Pi is such a great product, really helps get’s people into hobby electronics. I’ve been meaning to pick one up.

  2. Matheus Lopes July 18, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Just imagine this little computer and the cost. About $35!!! That is insane. For tasks like the one mentioned on the post. This is really good. There is a strong community that we can ask for help if any difficulties arrives. I think this is the future. Just look about the Intel program IoT (Internet of thinks). Even the giant of processors is trying to enter this market. So cool.

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