Tech History – June-July-August 2003

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Back In Time – June-July-August 2003

In The News: Video Rentals/Downloadable Songs

June   Blow to Real Networks? AOL and Microsoft have entered into an agreement that allows the Internet provider to use Microsoft’s Windows Meida 9 and digital-rights management and technologies. AOL also has an alliance with Real Networks, but the long-term future of that relationship could be in question.

An estimated 28.2 million  digital videodiscs were rented for the week ending June 15, outpacing 27.3  million VHS rentals. …

Apple Computer introduces the redesigned G5 line – much faster power Mac’s…

tech history 2003 napsterJuly Apple reports a $19 million profit – beating Wall St. expectations, but down 41% from the same period last year….

Yahoo agrees to purchase search site Overture for about $1.6 billion…

Napster will return – but this time – no free file sharing – a site to purchase music.  Meanwhile – Buymusic begins selling downloadable songs this week…

August – A federal jury finds that Microsoft’s Web browser infringed on a University of California patent and they must pay $520.6 million in damages.  The technology allows Web browsers to alter the display of Internet pages by rotating a picture. It’s Microsoft’s first significant loss in a patent case since 1994…



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