Radio Shack, is dead to me. (At least when it comes to electronics.)

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I called radio shack looking for a cable tester yesterday. my response was “uh…i see multi-meters….uh….no cable testers.” So basically we have  a store that sells all kinds of cables in any length, color, etc…and can’t sell equipment to at least test functionality? I was looking for a tester for Cat-5e cable with no luck. I know Radio Shack is just a big faceless corporation that probable has forgotten all about the small town where I live. But at least lets get some testing equipment for electronics.

I walk into my Radio Shack, the place I called the end-all be-all of electronics and I weep. All I see is Phones with contracts to sell, Batteries, Kids Toys, and Stereo equipment. Go ahead a take a look at your local radio shack. chances are you will see the same thing and weep as well. They do have one good thing going for them and that’s the electronic components they still sell. I have only purchased components when I needed them and didn’t want to go online and buy them for much much cheaper.

Still when I go looking for a particular part there is a 50-50% chance I will even find the part i am looking for. I was there last month looking for a switch I needed, they did sell it I saw the tag in the pull out drawer, and it was empty. I asked the clerk when they would get more….he didn’t know. So now we have ourselves faced with a question. If not Radio Shack then where? My answer is web sites like Amazon, E-Bay or just a Google search will get me further and a better bang  for my buck than Radio Shack ever will. As I stated earlier in this rant, Radio Shack dose sell batteries. When I need batteries I think Radio Shack, they  usually do have some good deals on batteries. Wal-Mart usually charges about twice as much.  I do miss Radio Shack back in the day when they sold electronics for hobbyist and other equipment.



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