More Rumors Surrounding AMD Carrizo/Bulldozer

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Last week I wrote an article tying together a bunch of rumors surrounding AMD’s next generation APU and the updated CPU core which will be inside.

Today more rumors surfaced, more or less confirming some of the earlier ones, Below is a screenshot leaked on a site called WCCFTech

. AMD-Carrizo-APU-Platform-Details-635x333

It describes 30% performance increase over the current generation Kaveri chips, which is pretty close to what earlier speculations of 40% indicated. But the slide clearly mentions a 30% increase at 15W power- so as we also speculated in that previous article, it will be faster at lower clock speeds and power levels. 

With this confirmation, we can expect to see some good laptop/mobile design wins for AMD, but for desktop users out there- don’t expect a miracle.


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