More News Proves the PC is Not Dead

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel is on the rise.  In the second quart of this year, they posted a 40% jump in profit.  Their quarterly earnings were $2.8 billion on revenue of $13.8 billion., which works out to an earnings per share ratio of 55 cents. This figure came in slightly higher than what analysts expected, with Wall Street projected earnings of 52 cents on revenue of $13.7 billion. Its gross margin.

With that said, it is interesting to see the mobile blemish on Intel’s spreadsheet. It appears that Intel’s “contra-revenue” program to push mobile chips is not working. Despite spending massive amounts of money to push into the space and compete withe ARM, they have been largely unsuccessful in getting many design wins, and because of this, they have lost 2 billion dollars. Intel brought $51 million in mobile chip revenue, down 67 percent from last quarter and 83 percent from the same quarter the year before. The mobile market is stagnating, and newcomers to phones and tablets like Intel are the first ones to get hurt.

Interestingly, the  data center group, which makes Intel’s Xeon server chip, posted an increase of 19 percent, to $3.5 billion. I wonder where all those chips are going

But all in all, these numbers have once again proved, the PC market is back— while the mobile market is sagging.


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