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I don’t know about you but I login in more than 10 accounts or more a day. Don’t you think it’s tedious to keep track of all these passwords? The solution is LastPass. A password management software.

What exactly is it?

LastPass provides a secure and trusted Way to Store Passwords. All sensitive  data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you.

Why use it?

See the video below.

Download Process

You can download LastPass as browser add-on  or Android/iOS app. I obtained mine for my Opera browser as an add-on. It was about
2.9MBs only.

Installation Process

The installation process was automatic on my browser. There’s no such things as clicking next next …

Creating an account

You have to create an account with your email and a  Master Password. This is the password that you have to remember last as LastPass can automatically fill in the other passwords  of your accounts after you tell it.

Creating account

The cool thing about the master password is that it is NOT known to the LastPass staff nor do they store a copy  of it or back it up. If you forget your master password, all you have to do is contact them and they will send you a password reminder.

LastPass Vault

This is acts as a control panel. It runs in your browser and does not require internet connection. You can edit your LastPass preferences using it.

Adding and Logging into Sites

You have to ensure you are logged in LastPass before you can add a site. You can then log on the website whose login you want to remember no more. As soon as you fill in the login credentials and hit enter, as box appears prompting you to add the site to your vault.

The next time you access that site, the login form will be automatically populated with the login info. All you have to
do next is hit enter and you will be logged in.

On the flip side

Its not clear to me what would happen if you hardly remember your master password. This is why you have to master the master password whether you like it or not.

My Verdict

LastPass is a useful tool if you have multiple accounts that you login daily or if your are forgetful when it comes to keeping track of all those passwords.

more info can be found at


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  1. Zachary Green July 17, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Great review. Great title to, wish I had thought of that. Such a fantastic service, works flawlessly.

  2. William Oneb July 17, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Yeah it’s a Great Service for us techies or geeks. We usually administer systems that require logins every now and then.

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