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few days ago published an article which says that Hotels that offer business centers, equipped with PCs and other office machinery, are being targeted by hackers, and that they are most of the time using keyloggers! and that’s why I took some time doing some research on keyloggers and how you can protect your self from those attack!

But before I start with that, let me just tell you something “NEVER ACCESS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ON PUBLIC NETWORKS, WORSE ON PUBLIC COMPUTERS !!”

Keyloggers or KEYSTROKE LOGGING are malicious applications that tend to monitor your keyboard typing activities. Once inside your machine, keyloggers may keep a track of every keystroke you make and save it in a separate file. Once saved, this file can be emailed to the attacker who planned this illegal attack. this means that once the attacker has the access on your keyboard he can view everything that you type which also means that he will not even have to struggle to know your username! Most of these of application are written using programming languages (Python, Java, C++,…) and you won’t be aware of what is happening behind the scenes!

those key loggers are both software-based and hardware-based, but technically saying the ones which are used the most are the software-based keyloggers (Hypervisor-based, API-based, Kernel-based: A program on the machine ‘gets root’ and hides itself in the OS, and starts intercepting keystrokes (because they always go through the kernel). This method is difficult both to write and to combat. Such keyloggers reside at the kernel level and are thus difficult to detect, especially for user-mode applications who don’t have root access. They are frequently implemented as root-kits that subvert the operating system kernel and gain unauthorized access to the hardware, making them very powerful.) which are also the most dangerous because they so hard to detect!

You can securely detect and remove those Keyloggers from your computer using some application like SpyHunter spyware detection tool which you can download here “ ” and make your life safer!!


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