The Cheapskates way to starting a business.

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This is my first attempt to starting a small computer consulting business. I have no experience and no idea on what my next move is.

You may say “Well dude you’re screwed” I reply “Nope” I have a plan….well more of a train of thought. I want to start my business but without all the startup money.

“What?” you say… “Yes” i reply No money. besides isn’t the idea of starting a business is to make money? I do have a day job as a Infrastructure Engineer. so I don’t need to jeopardize my family. Now that the shock is taken care of lets get to the meat and potatoes of this adventure.

Step One. get a website and an e-mail address. I already have a domain name purchased and a template I built from last year. I updated it to look a little more cooler and corrected the information.  “Wait will you need to pay for that.” you say… “meeh” I reply. go to free hosting

Step Two.  Create Pull-Tab Flyers, Business cards and Brochures. OK as some of you know I am a Linux fan, that being said i used Wine, and install Office 2010. MS Publisher is a great tool for creating flyers, brochures, and Business cards. I have looked at some of the opens source alternative but have yet to find anything close. (on that note if anyone has a suggestion I would like to hear it.)  I created all the advertisement I need. I even got some iron on paper so I can create my own custom Shirt Logos. So far here’s the break down of what I spend compared to what Google Spent on Advertisement.

Paper $15.00
Ink $35.00

Total $50.00
Google shelled out $70 million on TV ads, compared with just $6 million a year earlier. To promote Google+, Google spent an estimated $12 million

(It looks like I need a kickstarter) As stated earlier, I have free webhosting and E-mail, I already had Office 2010, and only spent 15.00 on paper due to the fact I am printing flyers while at work….Free Paper!(Don’t worry I cleared this with my Boss.)

Step 3. Make a fool of your self and show the world you exist. As Eli the Computer Guy  himself said “If you want certain rewards, you need to certain things.” This quote has stuck to me and i don’t know why.

Stay tuned for part 2 “Feet on the Pavement”

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William Christner

I am computer consultant, starting my own company enspired by none other than Eli the Computer Guy. I have worked in the IT field for about 12 years with most of my experiecne in dealing with computer hardware. I hope to not only grow my own knowledge of all things IT but to share what I know as well.

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