Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Scanning your Eyeballs for Security?

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Another day, another smartphone rumor. According to Samsung’s Twitter:



I personally refuse to use a fingerprint scanner on my smartphone, with all the info of NSA spying, and I am equally as afraid to use this tech.  Especially after the most recent information from Ed Snowden.

What are your thoughts? Good security, or an easy way to add your biometric information to government databases?


Nicholas Fusco

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  1. Martin July 16, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    If they really wanted to get this information, they would have it already I’m sure (assuming at some point you’ve looked into your phone.

    I used the note 3 today for the first time and have to say I was pretty impressed despite its size. I’ve been using a Chinese android phone for the past year or so (which I’m madly in love with, I need a phone that can take 2 sim cards for work and home) that has a 5 inch screen, I always assumed that anything larger would pretty much be unusable or difficult to carry around.

    I was wrong, the size felt great and I could see myself living with it. Should a Chinese copy of the note 4 appear with the extra sim card slot I would be a buyer, regardless of who was likely to be tracking me.

    The only safe way to use a modern smartphone and not be tracked is to throw it into wood chipper first.

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