PC Gaming Rises Further

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The PC Gaming industry is a massive market, set to hit 21.5 billion this year. The JPR report which sites these numbers indicates this number to be twice the size of the entire gaming console market, and estimates a nearly 2 billion dollars in further growth over the next 2 years.

The study indicates that PC power users like the platform for its versatility, the ability to play demanding games at high settings and then jump to professional applications. To enthusiast PC users, a desktop computer just can’t be replaced with a mobile device, they don’t have the horsepower or ergonomics necessary for serious content creation. While those other devices are used  for their ability to easily consume content, they simply cannot meet the needs of power users.

In addition,Jon Peddie, president of JPR, notes that,

“Nvidia, Intel, and AMD have enthusiast CPUs and GPUs that are so powerful, when combined with SSD’s and fast memory they absolutely trounce the computing power and gaming capabilities of the newest console generation. Being able to drive 3840 × 2160 (4K) at acceptable frame rates is already a reality for the highest end configurations and the mass market is now able to push 2560 × 1440. PC Gamers with good displays are able to enjoy millions and millions of pixels more than console gamers get on HDTVs. This translates into being able to see more and a better gaming experience”

With that news, I think it is safe to assume that we can expect big things going forward in the PC industry, even if it has mostly moved to this niche market.



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