How do you keep your WordPress site safe and healthy?

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WordPress is one of the most used CMS systems. There are + / – 1.500.000 WordPress sites online. This also has implications that hackers trying to penetrate.

To protect you against unwanted visitors,  to your WordPress site, you need to pay attention to a few simple things.

1) Choose a reliable hosting provider. It is better to pay a little more and get a good service.

2) For your login Never use the default ADMIN, but choose a different name of your choice.

3) Make a strong password consisting of uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, and that’s in total at least 15 characters long.

4) Standard there is a plug-in called Akismet that you have to activate, because this plug-in secure your website against SPAM.

5) A plug-in that should not be missing in WordPress, is Wordfence Security. This plug-in protects your site with Anti-Virus, Firewall and High Speed ​​Cache. When you configure a mail address in Wordfence Security , you will be notified if one or more hazards are found.

5) Try not to install. More than 10 plug-ins. Remember the more plug-ins you install, the more likely it is that a hacker can do its work.

6) And as last advice, check in the back-end your plug-ins regularly, so you can keep it up to date.


Johan Blomme

Johan blomme lives in Belgium and has over 25 years experience in the IT world of Windows. His native language is Dutch. His daily activities are solving PC problems. This is usually done by remote controll to the customer. Configuring networks and related problems are also one of the tasks. He also designs websites. For the design he uses WordPress. All reviews are based on his own experience or are based on his own trying out the software / hardware.

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  1. Yaniv Norman July 16, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Good tips, Wordfence is awesome! I’m using it on my sites and it’s fantastic. I also did a review on it hoping more people will start using it.

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