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Algorithm is a movie on present day Hacker culture created through production companies Spiritus Vult, Distant Thunder Films and director Jonathan Schiefer.

“In San Francisco, during September, 2012, nine months before Edward Snowden leaked documents that prove the NSA spies on everyone—Will, a freelance computer hacker specializes in breaking into secure systems. 

Using a security hole he found while on a job, Will breaks into a top-secret government contractor and downloads all their recently developed programs, including the conspicuously named Shepherd. Every time Will attempts to access Shepherd, bad things happen.”download“At the core of ALGORITHM’s plot are the questions that are shaking up the tech world to it’s very core, and the nations of the world right along with them: privacy, human rights, the place of government in the lives of citizens, the value and power of technology.”

Algorithm is definitely worth the watch, it’s an interesting tale with many nods to modern tech culture. I’d recommend it to any Geek but not necessarily the average consumer.

The folks behind Algorithm released the film for free in HD on Vimeo/Youtube for 24hrs but that window has since closed. But there is still a Standard Def version available at this link (Link Removed by Admin because it targets a pirated copy -Eli).



Zachary Green

Zachary Green is an award winning 3D artist currently working in Simulation Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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  1. Andrei Telteu July 15, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    This movie is AWESOME !
    Thanks for sharing with us !

  2. RichardStevens July 23, 2014 at 1:40 am

    I thought the movie had potential. Then I watched it. 🙁

    It suffers from bad acting and a really poor script. It also reinforces some stereotypes about hackers when I thought this movie was supposed to avoid them.

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