Dramatical Improvement in your business revenue through Facebook !

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Do you want to increase your customers to raise your revenue dramatically in few days? Then first have an idea about the types of customers.

There are two kinds of customers for every business, one is customers who actually come to your shop to buy your products and two window shopping, just look at your products and go away. There are another type of customers those who do not know about your business and have no idea about what products you sell, but they’ll get you publicity these are called bots/spammers.

Have you ever heard about 99 Enterprises? Most well known company which provides free likes and votes for your business page in Facebook.Do you think more likes to your page makes your business popular? The answer is ‘absolutely not’. Here you go how it works…

There is so much fraud going in social networking giant Facebook.For example, if you have food business and also business page in facebook. You are wondering how to introduce my business to the world of people. It’s simple. Just pay some to the third party like most popular ones ‘99 enterprises’ or ‘buy votes cheap’; they make your food so much delicious to the people without tasting it. These fraud companies have fake facebook profiles and they work day and night banging like button and they get micropayment some dollar for thousand like for this useless work. Most of these types of accounts with random names like ‘skdhfkjh’ or ‘djfdjnk’. 99 enterprises have 54 person staff and works in two shifts, with two mangers watching over the 24/7 staff survey said.

Facebook Company admitted in their quarterly report that more than 8.7% or 87 million of its global users were not real. These many fake accounts are created by the companies like 99 enterprises for their personal growth in their own way. Not just FaceBook, same fraud going on in followers of Twitter, up votes on Reddit.

Facebook itself can’t stop this fraudulent business.89m profiles identified, imagine how many left as unidentified and how many profiles are creating day by day.

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