Can You Explain What Internet Is?

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It’s 1994 – Does Anybody Know What This Is?

This video is fascinating. It comes to us from 1994 from the “Today” show as its hosts try do describe/decipher what exactly is the Internet?

Geek Brain Dump - Today show 1994

In the Video:

  • Host Bryant Gumbel doesn’t get the @ in the address: “with the (a)  and the ring around it.”
  • @ “means around or about”
  • “GE Com”
  • “Internet is that massive computer network.”
  • Katy Couric (left) not knowing the what the ampersand means is – priceless.
  • Back then, NBC was owned by General Electric – hence – GE in address.

1994 – and NBC-TV’s “Today” show



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