Can a Company Switch to Linux In a Windows World?

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Linux is a great Operating System….for Servers but is it ready for corporate desktops?

With a little training I would say yes. Most Linux desktops I have used are just as easy to use (if not easier) than windows. With a whole host of desktops to choose from, there no reason to loose track of your icons again. I will admit there is a learning curve to Linux that Windows and Mac has almost perfected. But once someone gets the hang of the file system, and they notice its been a week without seeing The Blue Screen Of Death, they will never look back. As a computer consultant I can say it is a struggle to get even my own family members to make the switch. I suppose it has to do with the stigma of “Linux has too much command line typing.” I have heard this over and over, its a sad cycle of fear.

I have also heard “Linux can’t run my apps.” to that I say phooey. I run Linux at home and only at work am I forced to work on a windows laptop. My tablet is full of free open source applications that are 98% compatible with windows. (We done live in a perfect world.) Example, instead of MS Office Suite I use Libra Office. I can open, edit and save the same documents Office can. Besides with the boom Online Apps and Cloud Storage, there’s almost no need to install the common applications needed back in 2000.

I am attempting to start a business only using apps available in the cloud. I will be Blogging this at a later date and keep everyone interested up to date. This I feel is the cheapskates ways to business success. (look like I found my title)

One challenging  cavort I will admit it the Windows Server that many business are running. While Linux can run circles around these Windows Servers in terms of performance security and reliability, Migrating servers may prove to be a roadblock. One option I see is to build a Linux Server along side the Windows Server and try to migrate any databases, print servers, profiles, etc… AD is essentially Kerberos + ldap, both of which originated on Unix, so yes, you can replace AD with Unix, on a conceptual level, at least. This would definitely be a fun project to set up.


I am a Linux user trapped in a Windows world.   download


William Christner

I am computer consultant, starting my own company enspired by none other than Eli the Computer Guy. I have worked in the IT field for about 12 years with most of my experiecne in dealing with computer hardware. I hope to not only grow my own knowledge of all things IT but to share what I know as well.

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  1. Isai Rodriguez July 24, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    I’ve integrated Zentyal 3.4 into my Win Server 2K8 domain flawlessly. It’s super simple to setup and integrate. I then powered off my Windows DC to make sure it was running solely on Zentyal and all is well. I’ll be removing windows altogether shortly then reimaging my windows box with Zentyal for an all Linux infrastructure.

  2. Jeremy August 18, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    Zentyal is a pretty amazing Linux distro. One of the easiest I have used.

    One correction is that your office software is LibreOffice not Libra Office. I have used it since its origins as StarOffice and I wouldn’t use anything else.

    I’ve also been inspired by Eli. I really enjoy his no-nonsense approach to things.

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