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Phony Cell Phone (Pun Intended)

Back in 1984 – cell phone and cell phone service were expanding rapidly. Those old analog phones cost a bundle – and service wasn’t cheep (more in another tech history blog.)

Sometimes, folks will do anything to keep with the Jones and knowing this – someone came up with this idea to sell –  a phony cell phone. Complete with antenna.

Imagine yourself. You want to impress somebody, so, you whip this thing out. “Only you know it’s a replica.” “Everything is accurate down to the smallest detail.” “Almost impossible to spot as imitations.”

You’d catch this type of ad in places such as the National Enquirer.

This is kind of faux tech history – but – isn’t it fascinating?

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  1. Khatchig Boyadjian July 14, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    When i was in college i use to just put on head phones so that people would leave me alone did not have 400$ to buy an ipod.

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