PC Running SLOW….. CLEAN IT UP Tips

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Is your PC Running Slow…. Clean it up Tips to get Maximum Speeds


Step 1:

Delete Unused Programs from your PC that are not necessary anymore…

Step 2:

Disk Cleanup Utility can clean up your hard drive to free up space that has been cluttering up space, which in return slows your PC down…. ( Delete everything with a number higher than 0k)

Step 3:

Run Disk Defragmenter and Analyze your Drives and keep them Defragged at least once a month….

Step 4:

Try to Organize the files on your desktop into folder’s and if you can drag and drop them into your documents to free up your desktop, which will speed up your pc on startup…

Step 5:

Make sure and Empty your Recycle Bin Daily to keep from cluttering it up, because the more files and MB size you take up with the hard drive in your recycle bin, the slower your PC will run…

Step 6:

Buy a can of Dust off and give your PC a fresh blow out once a month to keep it clean inside your tower that way no debris gets stuck in your fans and causes a burn out or fail and then your PC is dead, which will cost you some dollars because you will have to replace parts or maybe even buy a new pc….

If you will stay to these Tips, I can guarantee your health of your PC will stay good and your Computer will last a lot longer….

Ed Woolstenhulme



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