Intel’s Missteps, Broadwell Late, Broken

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Intel recently released an updated lineup of Haswell SKUs satisfy the OEMs, and even released new overclocking SKUs for the enthusiasts. Despite improved thermal interface material between the CPU core and the IHS, and improved power regulation, the new chips don’t really accomplish the goal we all thought they were meant to– higher overclocking compared to the existing K SKUs.

All in all, the refresh really isn’t much to talk about. This slowdown is coming after 8 years of yearly, meaningful, refresh cycles. Broadwell, Intel’s core design set to replace Haswell, is late. It was originally slated to release around a year after Haswell, along with the new Z97 chipset, but has been pushed back deep into next year. This delay is coming  despite Intel CEO Brian Krzanich promising the chip for the holiday season. 

New reports are also suggesting that the new core will also be crippled in order to get it out the door, in the words of the author of that report, Broadwell will be a day late and a dollar short.  This comes at a time when AMD is pushing out its last generation Bulldozer core, called Excavator, which is supposed to unleash the full potential of that architecture, and with the possibility of a vastly improved FPU. Not to mention AMD has a brand new architecture the following year, Skybridge, to compete with Intel’s Broadwell successor Skylake.


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