Why Password Managers Improve Internet Security

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One of the major vulnerabilities of the internet is insecure passwords. People make insecure passwords because the passwords are easy to remember which makes it easy for hackers.

Difficult passwords are difficult to remember. People may write their passwords down so they can refer to if they forget their password, although this makes their password being in danger of being discovered. The solution to this problem is the use of a password manager. Password managers hold passwords in a sort of vault. This vault is guarded by a password, instead of remembering eight passwords a person only need to remember one.

There are a few password managers out there: LastPass and 1Password. I have used LastPass for two months and it has made managing passwords much easier.

LastPass is available on Windows, OS X, Linux, smartphones and tablets, and on a number of browsers. LastPass can be downloaded for free or you can buy the premium version. Only the LastPass premium version can work on mobile devices. LastPass works in your web browser, so when log in information is entered it asks if it should save the information, if it does not have the log in information on file. When you want to change the password it can randomly generate a password of a specified length. You can log on to a website right from your LastPass vault. For extra protection you can request LastPass to require you to re-enter your LastPass password before it logs into the website.

Password managers provide a solution to creating and remembering difficult passwords. You still need to remember one strong password, at least it’s only one. I would not say it is the perfect solution, but it is better than having insecure passwords that can make you vulnerable to hackers.


Tyler Deans

Tyler Deans is currently a computer science student at New York Institute of Technology in New York City. She plans to become a Mobile Application Developer. She has knowledge Java and C programming languages. She is learning about Android development. In her free time she can be found programming, reading, in aerobics class, and running. You can connect with her on Google+, Twitter @starving_geek, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Jerry July 11, 2014 at 4:42 am

    Absolutely true Tyler. I agree with password managers as a must these days. The same like people think about antiviruses they should think about password managers. It is a must. I have not tried 1Password, but I have tried Sticky Password (http://www.stickypassword.com) some time ago and am pretty happy about it.

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