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Yosemite is the new operating system from Apple for 2014-2015. It will be launched during the fall and will include several improvements and features to better the already great OS X “Mavericks”. 

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There are going to be 3 main features in this version of OS X to previous ones:

  • A brand new look (to match iOS 7/8)
  • A seamless “Hand-Off” operation between OS X and iOS
  • Instant hotspot turn-on when WiFi drops

So the main feature you are going to notice right after you update from Mavericks to Yosemite will be the flat new look that weirdly reminds of iOS 7.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 16.57.29

All icons are re-designed to add a fresh new look and make your Mac seem brand new. The overall look will be transparent and will “Make it seem like everything is on layered, adding a depth to the overall look” -says Craig Federighi. 

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Apple also highlighted the “Hand-Off” feature, which is going to allow iOS users start particular tasks like text messaging on their iPhone, and continue where they left off on their Mac. This is a valuable feature as most Mac users own an iPhone too. Allowing such intelligent interactions between the two devices will make the overall experience more seamless and intuitive, something other companies like Samsung are behind in.

So now you will be able to get a call on your iPhone, and answer from your Mac, as the Mac acts like the speakerphone. Impressive… your iPhone can be anywhere in the house, as long as it is connected to the same WiFi network as your Mac you can take the call from your computer. This feature becomes especially awesome if linked with the third “big” feature in OS X Yosemite.

We are talking about using your iPhone as a hotspot for your Mac when your WiFi connection drops, or if you are on the go.

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So imagine being able to take your Macbook Air to the coffee shop, leave your phone at home and turn on Hotspot. You can now use your Mac as your main device, you won’t need to carry your iPhone with you, if you get a call you can answer it on your Mac since the two devices are linked to the same network.

This feature will be mostly useful if you have an unlimited 4G plan, as then you can eat through internet data as if you were on WiFi, however Apple does warn that the capabilities of the Hotspot feature may be limited by carriers.

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