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Hello there!

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with my friend on Skype.

Friend: “So, what’s up?”

Me: “Nothing special, what about you?”

Friend: “Playing COD with ******”

Me: “Cool, have fun killing people..”

Friend: “Nah, I’m just making a bunch of pixels move from one spot to another..”

Me: “I might be Mr. KnowsEverything now but this is actually what happens…” (I told him about a bunch of variables changing, if/else statements getting executed, objects, return values, etc..)

Friend: “WOW! It must SUCK to be a programmer”

Is this the first impression of someone who doesn’t know programming? I don’t know how you react to this, but I think that this guy deserves a beating. Sure, programming may not be so hard but it’s not THAT easy, I mean, we don’t create pixels and make them dissapear in one click, we write down a bunch of weird symbols and commands that creates the pixels and then a WHOLE other series of ()&/()for={[$while€{€if[]@$£€%¤else;&#¤ to make them “move from one spot to another”..

And when the rookie hears that for the first time, they think programming is the hardest and the most complicated thing in the world and then say that they will never ever learn it (too bad, programming is the future <3).

If this is how people reacts to programming (first they think it’s as easy as drawing in Paint, and when they learn the truth, it’s like solving a 3rd grade function as a 14 year old (Well, it’s not THAT hard to solve one of those either..)) then I wonder how they will survive when programming takes over ze world… >: )

But yea.. Programmin ain’t that hard.. But it ain’t that simple either!


Ivan Ahmed

15 year old geek that has a hard time to choose between IT and programming..

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  1. Katy Pillman July 16, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I wonder if any programmer applies PEMDAS into their code, it is usually “variable += 5.0f;”. Makes you think how much math you really use while programming.

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