Will Smart Meters and M2M devices kick start IPv6

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In the UK some 47 million Smart Meters could be deployed by 2022. Across Europe the members states have already committed to roll-out 200million electricity meters and 45milllion  gas meters. The estimated cost, at the moment, is 45 BILLION Euro – I’ll let you do the conversion,  but that’s a lot of work and money for someone.

With the rise of the HAN – (Home Area Network), M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, The Internet of Things, Zigbee 2012, WiFi, Cellular  and Bluetooth connectivity the Global explosion of devices is mind-blowing.

If you just think about Utility Smart Meters, the big question is should the external IP come to the device or does the device look for a Gateway or do they go Cellular?

What about Security !! Personal Info – Google buys Nest Labs for US$3.2 Billion – What’s the Spaghetti Monster going to say about that?

Will this trigger Soft Defined Networking – SDN.

It’s going to make being a BICSI RCDD a bit more complicated.



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John Reidy is an IT Manager for a Transport & Logistics Group of Companies in the UK. John’s background is in Network support and design for the Ministry of Defence, commercial premises, Ports and Sea going vessels serving the European Ferry industry. A BICSI trained and qualified Technician and promoter of the methodology for optimised best of breed information transport systems he designs LAN/WAN solutions together with hosted and on premise Telephony PBX solutions. John currently supports 190 users over 8 companies throughout the UK and Middle East supporting all aspects of the business associated technology and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

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