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Last Pass – The Password Vault

If your one that is always forgetting your passwords or can’t keep track of them – Last Pass is the software for you…

Last Pass can integrate with all browsers so if you use passwords in Firefox and then go to the same site and login with IE then it remembers your password and makes life a lot easier for you, so your not sweating bullets when you go to login to a website that you haven’t been to for a while “Last Pass” is a life saver…

Last Pass saves your Password Vault to your local machine where it stores all your secretive passwords.. It also comes with a nifty toolbar to make it even more convenient  for you to view passwords if you have forgotten them….

Overall Last Pass is a great tool for the Newbie or Average Joe that doesn’t know all of the tricks and tools of the Deep Dark Web…..

Ed Woolstenhulme


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