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Our County is switching from an ancient 20+ year old Avaya Phone System..

We are looking at different VOIP Vendors and were wondering what the latest trends were right now?

Would you go with a HOSTED Vendor or a NON-HOSTED Vendor?

We are leaning towards HOSTED Vendors, but wondering how redundant we would be with them…

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on vendors for VOIP Systems, would you please leave a comment below it would be much appreciated…

Our System is around 500 Phones…

Ed Woolstenhulme

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  1. Robert Rittenhouse July 9, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    My day job is a handling every aspect from talking with potential customers, architecting the solution, quoting, implementation, and ongoing support with our (Cisco) CUCM (or also known as “Call Manager”).

    We specifically work with schools and local city/government. We make sure that there is a voice gateway with actual POTS lines (at least) for backup/emergency calls. As long as you design your voice network in a way that allows for failover with voice gateways then you will keep the system “UP” as it pertains to end users.

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