From “Space Age” Gorilla Glass to Sapphire Crystal Screens

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The glass used in iPhones have been a particular problem since the release of the iPhone 4 a few years ago. Incidents of cracked or scratched screens on modern iPhones abound & the very existence of iFixit has proven that a big enough problem exists. Millions of iPhone users are forced to repair their broken phones or bring them to Apple and pay an enormous sum

Apple is attempting solve this problem with their new flagship, the iPhone 6.  The new technology, dubbed Sapphire glass, takes advantage of one of the hardest known materials in the world, Sapphire. As an incredibly transparent mineral, using it on phone screens is an great application. This will help Apple differentiate itself from the rest of the smartphone pack, in an increasingly saturated market.

Once again, Apple is taking the lead in implementing existing technology in new and inventive ways, trying to make things better for its users. Lets hope to see other manufacturers follow suit, making Sapphire Glass the new standard in smartphones.


Nicholas Fusco

Nick Fusco is a young IT Consultant and "geek"! As a contributing author on GBD, he covers all things tech and writes reviews for a variety of products and services.

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  1. Martin Lehner July 8, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Or is this screen material cheaper than Corning’s Gorilla Glass ? Unfortunately, since the passing of Jobs, we’ve seen the Apple execs begin to cheap out on manufacturing materials, as was the case decades ago when Jobs was gone the first time around. Hopefully they get their heads screwed on the right way before they damage the quality of their products too much. I personally don’t like Apple products, but I have always said that they have, by far, the best quality of hardware. Now with the iPhone going to plastic housing and such, that’s beginning to disappear.

    • Nicholas Fusco July 8, 2014 at 12:17 pm

      No it is not Gorilla Glass. The iPhone 3G/3GS used Gorilla Glass, and then the 4/4s/5s used generic aluminosilicate glass, which has been part of the problem. The consistency isn’t the same as Corning’s modern Gorilla Glass 3. But Sapphire is significantly harder than any kind of glass, so it does appear they are keeping the trend of premium quality. I dont see the move to plastic as a negative, I think it was a silly idea to wrap a phone in glass in the first place.
      I am also not much for Apple products, but I do agree with your sentiment.

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