Tech History – June Through August – 2001

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Tech History From June, July & August of 2001


June – Microsoft Corp. says it plans to bundle an instant-messaging service in a new version of the Windows operating system. Windows XP, due in October, will include Microsoft Messenger, which offers e-mail conversation, along with audio and video capability… A federal appeals court overturned the proposed breakup of Microsoft Corp…

 July  The new version of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player will be able to play MP3 files – like previous versions, but not record them – you’ll have to pay extra. If you want to rip CD’s into MP-3 files try free programs such as MusicMatch or RealNetworks…

A federal judge orders Napster not to resume operations until it can prove that it is not violating music industry copyrights 

XM Satellite Radio is undertaking a nationwide soft-launch trial of its service, involving teams of testers equipped with XM radios in more than 20 U.S. markets. Using its twin satellites, Rock and Roll, the company will broadcast up to 100 channels of digital-quality programming charging users $9.95 per month for basic service… 

Dmitry Sklyarov , a Russian computer programmer is arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly distributing software that could be used to make copies of electronic books. He is believed to be the first person arrested under the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act… Microsoft says it will ship its new operating system, XP – without Java, the popular programming language. Java programs are designed to run on any operating system and Microsoft has viewed Java as a threat to its monopoly on personal computer systems. Microsoft licensed the language then changed it so that Java programs would run better with its Windows systems…. 

Microsoft Corp. says it will require computer makers who put an AOL icon on the desktop of the upcoming Windows XP operating system to include its MSN service as well…

August  Computer virus Code Red II is out and moves faster than Code Red. Instead of just defacing Web sites and attempting to spread itself, the new worm leaves a back door open on infected computers. …

Net Zero says it will scale back the amount of free Internet service it offers to customers and begin charging those who live in outlying areas. …. 

Priceline reports its first profit – with second-quarter net income at $111.7 million….  

After a complaint from Kodak – Microsoft says it will make it easier for users of its upcoming Windows XP operating system to work with digital photography software from Kodak and others…













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