LastPass Review: Never be Without Your Passwords Again

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When I found out that Geek Brain Dump had been given subscriptions to LastPass for purpose of review, I knew I had to be a part of it. A friend of mine had been using this product before and had mentioned m how great it was, so when the opportunity came up I had to find out for myself. So here is my LastPass review.

To begin you first download the LastPass install file for your appropriate operating system, either Windows or Mac, and it will guide you through setting up an account, as well as a Master Password that will be fundamental to the service as long as you use it. Do not forget your Master Password.

It then prompts you to choose which browsers you want to use this for as well as importing existing cookies and login information from your computer into the LastPass Vault, as well as giving you the ability to wipe them from your PC to ensure a fully secured experience. From there the plugins for the browsers you chose will be automatically installed and set up accordingly.

After you’re done, there will be a small red Icon near your URL bar displaying the LastPass logo. From there you can access your LastPass vault which contain all your log-in information from every website you visit. Because I imported existing cookies from my browser I  was able to find old log-in details to websites I hadn’t been to in years which was unexpectedly awesome.

You can manage and organize your vault anyway you want including creating customized folders for your favorite websites as well as create shared folders that can be used by multiple people of your choosing. Maybe you have a child or significant other that you share a website with, Netflix for example, and you want to allow them access to it on another machine. You can put whatever login info you want into that shared folder and allow up to 5 other people to access it anytime they want.

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Anytime you want to create a Username and Password for a new website you will see a grayed out version of the LastPass icon in the white text boxes that you can click to add that info to your Vault. It’s as easy as that to never have to remember a password to your favorite website again.


Even though it is recommended, most of us don’t choose a 16 character long password filled with upper/lower case letters, characters, symbols, haikus, gang signs, and the score from last nights Rangers game. Most of us choose the same phrase, or a derivative of it, every time. This is one of the biggest and most common security flaws on the web right now, simple human laziness and fear of forgetfulness.

LastPass solves this problem by implementing a secure password generator that can create a purely random password for you and then save it into their vault so you will never have to manually enter that insane string of characters again. Now it is important to reiterate that you should never forget your Master Password as you will need this to access your vault and view/delete these generated passwords.

If you want to take this a step further you can purchase a LastPast bundle through Yubico, which is a service that offers a LastPass subscription combined with a physical key that acts as your Master Password. There are many benefits to doing this and can be viewed on the Yubico website.

Overall the experience of using LastPass was truly great and for those who are afraid of someone stealing their login info or simply do not wish to have to remember it all, this is definitely for you.

There is a free version of LastPass as well as a premium version  with no ads and enhanced features, for 12$ per year. This review was for the premium version and was made possible by LastPass HQ.



Zachary Green

Zachary Green is an award winning 3D artist currently working in Simulation Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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  1. michael July 7, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    I have been using listless for the last year’s and I love it.

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