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This is the robotic car platform I have been working on. I actually started the robot to learn more about microcontrollers. At first, I made the mistake of jumping on the PIC series of microcontrollers. Hey, they are great but their is a slow learning curve (at least for me). I bought books and books on PIC’s but it was still a bit confusing for me. I suddenly discovered the ARDUINO and the ground shook and the heavens parted…just kidding. I found that you can almost immediately begin learning about the programming of this microcontroller platform. It’s just fantastic! If you haven’t decided how to go about learning microcontrollers, believe me when I say the arduino is the way to go.





See the bot in action on youtube: http://youtu.be/mccEfqs2aUE

I am hoping to get 2 or 3 Arduino’s “talking” together while performing the control for things like: the ultra-sonic sensors for collision avoidance, a photo-resistor to know when it is light or dark,
a compass of course for direction control, a beacon detector (to have the robot move in certain directions in the house), a gas detector for LPG type of gases, a PIR sensor to detect human motion, a battery
charge control circuit.

Their would be a master arduino that would also communicate to an onboard router (Linksys WRT54GL) so it can wirelessly communicate with a PC running the main control program remotely. Also an IP camera will connect to the Linksys router for onboard vision.

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