BeAnywhere’s New Insight Software

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BeAnywhere’s New Insight Software

I recently was approached by BeAnywhere to try out there new Insight Software on our network that consists of 300+ Desktops & 20+ Servers…..

At first glance, I thought the UI was pretty neat looking and everything seemed to be nice and user friendly…. The only thing I didn’t like right off the bat.. was that the menu’s were at the top but the Add Group & Add Device tabs were at the Bottom of the page so you got a little dizzy after adding a few devices…

I have been using it now for about three days and I have to say it’s pretty nice, I have different features that I wanted to be alerted of when they happened or when the AV was turned off or stopped working… It also lets you pick available times you are around so it only alerts you doing those times instead getting annoying alerts at 3am in the morning and waking you up telling you that your user is low on Hard Drive space….

Another feature that I like about Insight is that it makes deploying new scripts a breeze, you just add your new script you want to deploy to the repository and then pick the Desktops you want it deployed to and BOOM…. it does it all behind closed doors, so that when the next time the user restarts his or her’s PC it adds the script to there Computer….

Overall I think this software is priced well if you buy it before the end of the month they are giving a killer deal at $14 per device per month instead of per user… But news is that they are raising that price if you wait to buy the product…. I’m excited to explore it more, but like I said so far so good…..

Ed Woolstenhulme

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