We can’t seem to live without our gadgets

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I shutter to think how long I could go without my Kindle, iPad or iPhone anymore. However, I usually can live without them long enough to try and get some rest on red eye flights. The last red eye flight I took (four months ago) I noticed a glow over the entire cabin when returning from the restroom. It seemed like every passenger had some device. I thought it was unusual since it was a red eye flight and most people usually sleep (so I thought). I usually can’t sleep on flights, but I like to give it the old college try when I have early meetings on the east coast the next morning. As I made my way back to the forward part of the cabin to reclaim my seat (just behind  business class) I noticed that most people were watching movies or playing games on all manner of tablets, phones, Ultrabooks, etc. I even noticed a pre-teenage kid watching Django Unchained (totally inappropriate for a 12 + year old to be watching). I did notice a couple of people reading something on printed paper, but most people were glued to those devices. As a technology guy, I’m often on computers and devices for 18+ hours a day but when I’m in flight, I like to take a device holiday for a few short hours!


David Goodin

David Goodin is a Senior Incident Response/Unified Communications Consultant for a large telecommunications company in the western United States. David has been working in IT for over 24 years and has architected and implemented several Microsoft based Unified Communications systems including Lync, OCS, LCS, and Exchange. In addition to his Unified Communications background David has experience in Incident Response and Digital Forensics. David currently holds an MCSE: Messaging, MCSE: Communication and has been Microsoft certified since 1994. In addition to working with Microsoft technologies David holds certifications from Cisco, CompTIA, VMware and Novell. Higher education pursuits include a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and is currently finishing his Master’s Degree in Digital Forensic Science from Champlain College (expected completion Fall 2014).

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