The AirDog Drone And Its Future.

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The AirDog Drone

AirDog, A drone that will follow you. The AirDog  was founded through KickStarter by the LLC called Helico Aerospace Industries. There plan when starting this KickStarter campaign was to make improvements for those who love doing sports and be able to Capture HD video from the drone, for most sports activities you do such as skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etcetera. To show a full picture of what your doing wall your doing one of these sports. with just A wrist band remote attached to your arm and have the AirDog Drone follow you around giving great detail.

Consumer Equipment

There’s a lot to the AirDog starting with the equipment. After purchasing the AirDog the consumer is given many items. First one AirDog Drone then one AirLeash along with A LiPo battery pack, A charging cable, A Operation manual, one Gyro stabilized gimbal as well as an IOS or Android App. For the recorder the drone will be using the GoPro 3. As well the drone is capable for an Interchangeable 14.8 V, 4000mAh, LiPo batteries. If you didn’t know what the Gyro stabilized gimbal is, its holding the GoPro, and is made for constant smooth footage and is Mounted on the AirDog with its own water proof casing.

Fine Detail

Now, for the main details that most of the people or consumers would like to hear. So the AirDog which is about 13inch’s by 20inch’s when opened for flight and weights 3.96 lbs (1.4 kg) with battery. Getting into better detail with the drone. The drone is made with weather resistant construction and the resistance to wind which can go up to 28 knots which is 14 m/s. AirDog is capable of going up to 9,800 feet above sea level. Speed for the AirDog is quiet remarkable for its size, going up to 40 MPH and packing a 10 to 20 minute flight time depending on the speed the AirDog is mostly going. When it comes to how far it can go is 1,000 feet from the  wearing the AirLeash attached to your arm, and with the App the end user will be able to do many things one of those is to be able to control how far the drone should be able to go from you. Also be able to change the height as well. AirLeash and the controls help allow you to do most of the setting on how to record and such, and the AirLeash is strapped to your wrist. Now, For the controls there are basic buttons all along the side of it, they are I/O (Off/On), Down, Pause and Resume. Along with an OK button in the center of the four arrow buttons for settings.



The Future

After taking a look at most of the specifications for AirDog and seeing how well it can benefit most people with sports or other outside activities, and seeing them beginning to add sensors for collision detection and other ideas they are wanting to add to the AirDog. Having seeing this and seeing all that makes up the drone from simple functions like “Auto-Follow” and “Follow Me”. As well as being capable to slide this drone  into A backpack and be able to quickly pull it out, and have it record HD footage and follow you at a distance. I could imagine there to be many more uses for the AirDog Drone other then just recording you play sports and such. though the main idea for the AirDog was for sports, but is quiet capable for much many things even like attaching the AirDog to a pet and let it record it running around. Now the AirDog campaign on KickStarter has recently made over A half A million dollars in backing from others. I am quiet sure there is much more to expect other then what it is now.



– Christopher K. Mckinstry

Date: 7/4/2014

Age: 17


Christopher Mckinstry

One who thrives in technology, willing to learn everyday, and wish to innovate one day. Christopher Mckinstry a 17 year old, who has been dealing with all sorts of technology sense he was 13 years of age, and desires to help make lives easier and meeting others who wish to do the same.

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