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This is another installment of my review posts, where I give my opinion on hardware, software or services.

Pluralsight is an online technology training provider that offers video-driven courses in IT, creative design, software development and general business.

For a number of years now, my company, which as you know provides 3rd party IT support services to clients, has been subscribing to TrainSignal. was an online technology training provider that focused on IT. They had video courses that ranged from A+ training to Windows Server configuration and administration. We use this as one of our training methods for entry-level staff that might not have that much experience in the world of IT. I myself have watched a number of their videos, including a 5 hour series during a long-haul overseas flight I took.

Almost a year ago now, Pluralsight acquired TrainSignal in a merger. As part of the merger, all TrainSignal subscribers were grandfathered their subscription rates for the new Pluralsight content. As a Pluralsight subscriber now, I can’t tell you how many videos there are. This isn’t because I can’t count, but to be honest, I haven’t gotten through the whole list yet. The amount of video content has grown exponentially, and I don’t think there will ever be enough hours in a week for me to get through even a third of it all.

That said, this is a GREAT training medium. For one flat rate, I can plunk my entry-level staff in front of a workstation and they can start learning. Videos are an excellent training medium, since people can see what’s actually being done and follow along, as opposed to seeing static images in a textbook or simply listening to audio of someone trying to explain what they’re clicking on.

I would highly recommend Pluralsight as a complimentary component of your overall training. The amount of information that can be obtained and reviewed anytime is almost endless, with new content being added fairly regularly.


Martin Lehner

Martin Lehner is an technology professional working for an IT services firm in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada). He has been working in the technology field for over a decade. With a degree in Business Admin and numerous industry certifications, Martin leads a team of IT professionals that provide third party support for clients. Originally starting a company to offer web development services, Martin quickly realized that clients wanted the entire spectrum of technology services. When Martin is not at work (which is not often, since his company offers 24/7 support), he is busy at home spending time with his family.

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    how is it for exam prep?

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